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Jitendra Kumar has emerged recently as a leading name and entity in the world of the social worker in Delhi whose roots run deep and start in the city of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. His current place of residence in Delhi with his family.

Jitendra before becoming a renowned philanthropist, and even as a mere child was fascinated by the way of variances in the lifestyle of different sections of the society as well as the distinct if not unfair contrast between the rippling societal definitions of different classes and groups haves and have-nots. As he grew up and entered college, the questions only grew and nagged him more as he became even more aware and observant to the stark yet illogical differences in the societal groups while internalizing such pain as well as of the growing need to do something in order to bridge such important differences for the growth and betterment of the Indian society.

He grew up and comes from a zealous and hard-working background with full trust being placed in his sense of propriety guides him in all acts undertaken and performed by him. He has assistance from a nationwide social gathering which helped him create robust political connections and construct a strong community that enables him to do lots of issues for public welfare within the space.

With the help of his strong political connections in the country which came about with his family being a seasoned Congress supporter in the region of his birth, he was able to create unique and ever-growing support and grievance network as well as a social circle, which helped him implement and perform some overdue social work and help which ultimately spread a few needed rays of sunshine, hope, and happiness in his area, while simultaneously upholding his calling as a social worker in Delhi.

He is also an active supporter of the Robin Hood Army, India, a non-profit, non-governmental, volunteer-based, zero funds organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society in cities across India and 14 other countries and caters to the same bridging of differences as Jitendra. His Instagram handle, imjitendrakumar, is another testament, proof, and homage of his articulate upbringing and outlook towards life with his zeal and dedication for a social presence and activism extending throughout every possible sphere.

Moreover so, Jitendra as a social worker in India firmly believes in leading by example, which is easily mirrored and reflected in his way of life, his public conduct, his attire, and everything else being structured and positioned in such an idealistic manner that helps in keeping him on top as well as the forefront of the several different social circles of knowledge, discussions, and activities he is involved in.

He besides being a social worker in India has several close friends in the entertainment as well as the cricket industries and is extremely particular in maintaining and cherishing such close ties with such friends irrespective of their jobs being in the B-town and the formidable Indian music industry.

In an attempt to socially propagate the importance of fitness and ensuring the same, he considers it to be his duty as a social worker in Delhi to also taking special pains and set up his own brand of fitness programs which caters to all classes and societal groups without taking the haves and have nots into account and will be launched soon.

For such exceptional social service in the region, Jitendra as a social worker in India has also been awarded as a youth icon. He has set benchmarks in every field he has been a part of, be it sports & fitness, fashion, or social service, he has become a guiding icon and beam of the same.

His website pays homage to several different inspirational yet realistic quotes given by the modern-day young philanthropist such as “In a world of worriers, be the warrior.” and “Believe in Karma.” Therefore, his emergence as one of many keys and critical social media influencers and a social worker in India and not just the capital in this age comes as no surprise to anyone.

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