About Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar is a well known name in the world of social workers who belongs from the city of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. He has a degree in electrical engineering from Dr B.R Ambedkar University situated in Agra,Uttar Pradesh. He currently resides in Delhi with his family and is an active supporter of the Robin Hood Army.

Even as a child the philanthropist Jitendra is known as today, he was fascinated by the way of life and the distinct differences between the societally defined have and have-nots. As he reached college, he became even more aware of the need to do something in order to bridge such a difference. With the help of his strong political connections (his family is a seasoned Congress supporter in the region), he was able to create a support and grievance network, which helped him do some needed social work and spread a few rays of sunshine and happiness in his area.


Jittendra Kumar

Social Worker

More than anything, Jitendra likes and loves to lead by example, so whether it is his way of life, his public conduct, his attire, everything is positioned to keep him on top of several different activities, discussions and knowledge. His Instagram handle, imjitendrakumar, is another testament and proof of his sophisticated outlook towards life and his social presence extending throughout.

He has a zealous and hard-working background and his sense of propriety guides him in all his acts. He has assist from a nationwide social gathering which helped him create robust political connections and construct a strong community that enables him to do lots of issues for public welfare within the space.

With several of his close friends in the entertainment as well as the cricket industries, he's extremely particular about maintaining and cherishing such close ties with such friends irrespective of their jobs being in the B-town and the Indian music industry.

In an attempt to socially propagating the importance of fitness and ensuring the same, he is also taking special pains and working to set up his own brand of fitness programs, which will be launched soon. For such exceptional social service in the region, Jitendra has also been awarded as a youth icon.

Being the humble and down to earth person Jitendra in his words says “This award has pushed me further on the road to doing things for the greater good.” He has set benchmarks in every field he has been a part of, be it sports & fitness, fashion or social service, he has become a guiding icon and beam of the same.

His website pays homage to several different inspirational yet realistic quotes given by the modern day young philanthropist such as “Believe in Karma” and“In a world of worriers, be the warrior.”