Jitendra Kumar is a youth icon, known for his social work


Internet and social media have revolutionized lives of young Indians across the length and breadth of this country. Where, on one hand, more and more youth are getting engaged in social welfare activities, there are youngsters who are highly active on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Combining these two fields together for the greater good of mankind is a young man Jitendra Kumar, who belongs to Hathras in Uttar Pradesh.

Jitendra belongs to the zealous and hard-working background and his sense of propriety guides him in all his acts. He lives in Delhi with his wife, Anjali.

Jitendra has been fascinated with the difference between the lives of haves and have-nots and has now dedicated his life to rectifying that distance. His family, being ardent supporters of Congress party in the region, has helped him create strong political connections and build a robust network that allows him to do lot of things for public welfare in the area.

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